Incorporate with Echomark Connections

LLC's are the newest classification of business in the USA. Having an LLC as opposed to a traditional corporation or S-corporation has many benefits for smaller to medium sized companies. One of the main benefits is how LLC's are taxed, which is called pass-through-taxation. The company is not taxed on a corporate level, instead taxes are handled strictly by the individual members tax returns preventing double taxation.

Having an LLC gives companies the freedom of membership, meaning they can have as many members as they like including individuals, corporations, and even other LLC's. The earnings are also given flexibility, meaning the profits don't have to be distributed to the member(s) depending on his or her share of the company. Unlike traditional corporations LLC's are not required to file as much paperwork, keeping corporate minutes or annual meetings are not manditory.

Operating your business under an LLC has many benefits. Here at Echomark Connections we can assist you in the process of incorporating your own LLC in the state you do business.

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